Billy Joel : Best Inspiring Quotes

Billy Joel : Best Inspiring Quotes

Billy Joel – NIGURHA

  • “Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts.”
  • “Some people stay away from the door for the chance of it opening up.”
  • “If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.”
  • “Do what you love, and you’ll always love what you do”
  • “You’ve got to be hard, like the rock in that old rock & roll.”
  • “Musicians now find themselves in the unlikely position of being legitimate. At least the IRS thinks so.”
  • “More than art, more than literature, music is universally accessible.”
  • “Most people are satisfied with the junk food being sold as music.”
  • “Don’t wait for answers, just take your chances. Don’t ask me why.”
  • “Like family, we are tied to each other. This is what all good musicians understand.”

  • “Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue…”
  • “It’s OK if you mess up. You should give yourself a break.”
  • “Someday we’ll all be gone, but lullabies go on and on / They never die, that’s how you and I will be”
  • “Call you up in the middle of the night. It’s awful hard trying to make love long distance, but I really need stimulation.”
  • “You just sit home and masturbate. The phone is going to ring soon, but you just can’t wait.”
  • “Rock and roll just used to be for kicks, now a days it’s politics.”
  • “Hot funk, cold punk, even if it’s old junk, it’s still rock and roll to me.”
  • “We’re only human, we’re supposed to make mistakes.”
  • “Do what’s good for you Or you’re not good for anybody”
  • “Don’t be afraid to try again everyone goes south every now and then.”

  • “Slow down you’re doing fine You can’t be everything you want to be before your time.”
  • “Though you can see when you’re wrong, you know you can’t always see when you’re right.”
  • “Black and white is how it should be, but shades of grey are the colors I see.”
  • “Drank a lot of take home pay.”
  • “The graduations hang on the wall, but they never really helped us at all.”


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