20 Best Celebrity Documentaries That Demand You to Feel Them

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Are you looking for the best celebrity documentaries to hit you right in the feels? We got you covered. These twenty celebrity films share incredible true stories of trauma, tragedy, perseverance, motivation, and determination.  Additionally, they are great at humanizing larger-than-life celebrities who think, feel, and behave like you and me. So please enjoy in … Read more

Ten of The Best War Movies Based on True Stories

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Some of the finest movies are based on actual events. People like true stories because they feel like they live vicariously through the big screen characters. They can immerse themselves in the story and feel all the emotions that come with it. Watching war movies based on true stories opens our eyes to past tragedies … Read more

7 Best Stock Market Movies of All Time

Look no further if you’re looking for the best stock market movies. We’ve compiled a list of the seven best films based on critical acclaim and box office performance.  Whether you’re a casual movie-goer or a film buff, we know you’ll love our list. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained by some … Read more

100 Best Movies of All Time

Sunset Boulevard // Corbis via Getty Images 100 best movies of all time Audiences have been enraptured by cinema since 1895 when Auguste and Louis Lumière used a cinematograph machine to project moving images onto a screen. Naturally, movies have come a long way since the early days of 50-second reels, resulting in a rich … Read more

Best Nicole Kidman Movies Of All Time

Nicole Kidman is arguably one of the most celebrated and decorated actresses of the 21st century. With over 100 award wins and a slew of critically acclaimed screen roles in her oeuvre, you’ve likely watched at least one film starring the Australian actress. Of course, such an enduring filmography has made it, so no two … Read more

Every Marilyn Monroe Movie Ranked

Whether she was playing a bit part or the bombshell lead, Marilyn Monroe radiated star quality in each of her roles. The actress was effortlessly photogenic, but in addition, she was a genuinely fantastic screen performer. Throughout her career, she was cast over and over as a secretary, trophy date, gold digger, bathing beauty, or … Read more

Top Ten Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once

We’ve all been there, scrolling endlessly, desperate to find the perfect movie in the easily overwhelming volume of films Hollywood has churned out over the past 100 years. Even if we narrow the list only focusing on the award winners, the critically acclaimed, and the truly great films, the list seems endless. Some movies remain … Read more