10 Comedy Classics from the 90s You Should Rewatch Right Now

The Truman Show

The nineties were a significant era of film, producing several classic comedies. Additionally, the nineties gave us key comedic players, including Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and Pauly Shore. According to Reddit, here are ten must-watch movies of the 90s that will make you laugh. 1. Encino Man (1992) Encino Man is a cult … Read more

15 Best Movie Endings Ever, According to Reddit

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio

Redditor NHazellnut recently asked what was the best movie ending you’ve ever seen. Reddit was right on the money with these fifteen incredible films with even better endings. The Truman Show Streaming on HBO Max Jim Carrey in The Truman Show is brilliant, and several Redditors agree it has one of the best movie endings … Read more

The 13 Worst Horror Movies We Love to Hate


Horror is a movie genre that provides a very mixed bag in terms of quality. There have been some bona fide masterpieces in the genre, such as The Birds, The Exorcist, and Hereditary, but they’re certainly few and far between. 13 Horror Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good More often than not, horror movies … Read more

Forget Superpowers, Study Reveals Marvel Heroes Who Are Super Earners in Their “Normal” Jobs

Marvel superhero salaries

With the recent release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+, the Marvel universe continues to expand. More than two dozen films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve met a host of superheroes from Spiderman to Captain Marvel. While their superpowers are varied, they share one trait – they all have seemingly normal alter egos with ordinary … Read more

Top 15 Scary Movies

Check out some of the best scary movies to watch. These are sure to give you a thrill and get your heart racing. So grab popcorn and settle in for a spooky night! Why Do People Watch Scary Movies? People love to be scared. It’s a rush of adrenaline that can’t be found anywhere else. … Read more

From Grease to Pulp Fiction: The Best John Travolta Movies

john travolta smiling in front of crowd

John Travolta is one of those actors that seems to redefine himself after every decade. No other actor seems to possess the same level of range, allowing him to play both dramatic roles and goofy comedic ones with ease. This list will countdown what we believe to be the best John Travolta movies. Pulp Fiction … Read more

The Only Acceptable Way to Watch the Twilight Movies in Order

boy and girl laying in grass looking at each other

First and foremost, congratulations on your decision to dive into the Twilight franchise. Be it your first or repeat viewing, it’s an extraordinary story with mostly terrible acting developing into mediocre performances.  Nonetheless, it’s a classic cult phenomenon. It’s so bad; it’s good and leaves you wanting more. So how do you watch the Twilight movies in order? First, … Read more

20 Best Celebrity Documentaries That Demand You to Feel Them

lady gaga in pink dress

Are you looking for the best celebrity documentaries to hit you right in the feels? We got you covered. These twenty celebrity films share incredible true stories of trauma, tragedy, perseverance, motivation, and determination.  Additionally, they are great at humanizing larger-than-life celebrities who think, feel, and behave like you and me. So please enjoy in … Read more

Ten of the Best War Movies Based on True Stories

group of soldiers sitting in a room in the best war movies black hawk down

Some of the finest movies are based on actual events. People like true stories because they feel like they live vicariously through the big screen characters. They can immerse themselves in the story and feel all the emotions that come with it. Watching war movies based on true stories opens our eyes to past tragedies … Read more