Top 25 Pop Artists of 2022

2022 is an excellent year for pop music. With so many new and talented artists emerging, it can be hard to track who’s who. Here are the top pop artists for 2022. A History of the Genre Pop music is a genre of popular music that originated in its modern form in the United States … Read more

Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth Will Blow You Away – Age, Bio, Wiki, Height, Family, Career, Facts

Chelsea Chanel Dudley was born in Los Angeles, California, in September 1988. Her stage name is Chanel West Coast, and she’s a TV personality, model, rapper, and singer. Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth Will Blow You Away As a youngster, she divided her time between North Hollywood, where her mother lived, and her father’s home … Read more

Idris Elba Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio, Career, Wife, Family, Height, Facts

Idris Elba NetWorth In 2022

Idris Elba Net Worth Idris Elba is a British actor, producer, rapper, singer, and DJ. Idris Elba’s net worth is $40 Million. Idris Elba’s acting career began with guest appearances as well as small roles in the TV series ‘The Bill’, ‘Bramwell’, ‘The Governor’, ‘Family Affairs’, ‘Ultraviolet’, and ‘London Burning’. She made her film debut … Read more

Natalie Portman Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Husband, Height, Weight, Facts

Natalie Portman Net Worth In 2022

Natalie Portman Net Worth Natalie Portman is an Israeli actress, voiceover artist, director, model, singer, writer, and producer. Natalie made her film debut on November 18, 1994, in the thriller Leone: The Professional. After she signed the film, to secure her family identity, she took her grandmother’s first name ‘Portman’. Natalie played the role of … Read more

Naya Rivera Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio, Husband, Height, Weight, Facts

Naya Rivera Net Worth In 2022

Naya Rivera Net Worth Naya Rivera was an American actress, voiceover artist, singer, and model. Naya Rivera’s net worth is $5 Million. At the age of four, Naya Rivera got the role of Hillary Winston in the sitcom ‘The Royal Family. Rivera popularized ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, ‘Family Matters’, ‘Live Shot’, ‘Baywatch’, ‘Smart Guy’, … Read more

Anna Faris Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio, Career, Boyfriend, Height, Weight, Facts

Anna Faris Net Worth Anna Faris is an American actress, comedian, and singer. Anna Faris’s net worth is $30 Million. She landed her first role as Jannelle Bay, an unfortunate cheerleader, in the 1999 Jon Steven Ward-directed slasher film Lovers Lane. Her popularity skyrocketed in 2000 when she was cast as Cindy Campbell in the … Read more