Natalie Portman Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Husband, Height, Weight, Facts

Natalie Portman Net Worth In 2022

Natalie Portman Net Worth Natalie Portman is an Israeli actress, voiceover artist, director, model, singer, writer, and producer. Natalie made her film debut on November 18, 1994, in the thriller Leone: The Professional. After she signed the film, to secure her family identity, she took her grandmother’s first name ‘Portman’. Natalie played the role of … Read more

Justin Theroux Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio, Career, Wife, Height, Weight, Facts

Justin Theroux Net Worth In 2022

Justin Theroux Net Worth Justin Theroux is an actor, screenwriter, and director. Theroux wrote the screenplay for 2010’s “Iron Man 2”, which grossed $ 623.9 million at the box office. Theroux also appeared in “American Psycho” and “The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy”. Justin won the Online Film and Television Association Award for Best … Read more

Maite Perroni Net Worth, Age, Bio, Husband, Family, Height, Weight, Facts

Maite Perroni Net Worth Maite Perroni is a Mexican actor, singer, voice actor, writer, songwriter, and producer. Maite Perroni made her acting debut in the Mexican telenovela ‘Rebelde’ (Rebel) produced by Televisa. Maite played the role of Guadalupe “Lupita” Fernandez, one of the six heroes, a teenage girl from a lower-class family studying at the … Read more