Rip Choco Taco, Hello Furious TWITTER, and a New Buyer?

Just yesterday, Klondike announced they would be discontinuing the beloved Choco Taco. Whether you haven’t had a Choco Taco since 2003 or have one after every meal, this is tough news to take in. Let’s take a look at how the world of Twitter is reacting to this heart-breaking news.

One user reacted by saying the ice cream-filled taco was important to this career.

Abbey said this is the saddest news of the week.

Yet another Twitter user implied Klondike will take a financial hit for this decision.

Chloe has some things to take to her therapist about…

Charles has already begun asking Klondike to bring the taco back.

The good news is, the founder of Reddit wants to buy the Choco Taco and continue making it. There is hope!

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock.