Denzel Washington : Quotes and Captions

Denzel Washington : Quotes and Captions

Denzel Washington Quotes. Top Inspiring Denzel Washington Motivational Quotes | Denzel washington quotes, Denzel washington, Inspiring quotes about life

  • “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.”
  • “I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”
  • “I’d be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. I’d be more frightened by procrastination and laziness.”
  • “In any profession, it gets to be a grind.”
  • “I never really had the classic struggle. I had faith.”
  • “You have to grab moments when they happen. I like to improvise and ad lib.”
  • “Acting is just a way of making a living, the family is life.”
  • “Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.”

Denzel Washington - Fall Forward - One of The Best Motivational Speech Ever - YouTube

  • “Fall forward!”
  • “Faith is the confidence, the assurance, the enforcing truth, the knowing.”
  • “Dreams without goals remain dreams.”
  • “In order to change your life, you must change your thoughts.” Denzel Washington
  •  “Never help an ungrateful person get on their feet.”
  • “If you don’t fail, you’re not even trying.”
  • “Never confuse movement with progress. Because you can run in place and not get anywhere.”
  • “Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success.”

25 Motivational Denzel Washington Quotes on Movies, Love & Success

  • “For me, success in inner peace. That’s a good day for me.”
  • “Don’t tell me what was said about me. Tell me why were they so comfortable to say it to you?”
  • “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.”
  • “Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do.”
  • “My faith helps me understand that circumstances don’t dictate my happiness, my inner peace.”
  • “The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have. That’s what’s going to define you.”
  • “Got to be who you are in this world, no matter what.”
  • “I think a role model is a mentor – someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them.”
  • “If you have an enemy, then learn and know your enemy, don’t just be mad at him or her.”