Elon Musk Told Dad to \”Keep Quiet\” Over Text After He Said He Wasn’t Proud of His Son

Errol Musk has said that he received a text from his son Elon Musk telling him to “keep quiet” after he said he wasn’t proud of his son.

Slip of the Tongue

Errol Musk claims that he misunderstood a question when he was interviewing with Daily Mail Australia. When the interviewer asked if he was proud of Elon, he responded, “no,” but allegedly, that was not his intended answer.

“I didn’t actually notice her question about being proud. It was only when I listened to the recording afterwards that I realized. If you ask any parent if they are proud of their son, you are proud of them from the day they are born.”

Errol Gets the Cold Shoulder

Following the misunderstanding, Errol says his three daughters didn’t talk to him for days after they heard about his comments. He did however state that Elon was not upset and was the type to “laugh this kind of stuff off.”

Honor Thy Father

Elon reportedly sent his dad a text following the incident that read, “Dad, the press play you like a fiddle, so please keep quiet.”