Estefania Villarreal (Rebelde) Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net worth, Parents

Estefania Villarreal (Rebelde) Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents

Estefania villarreal biography

Estefania Villarreal BIOGRAPHY

Estefanía Villarreal was born on March 11, 1987, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Before she was famous, She was cast in Rebelde, because she was an actress with the right body type. Her character as a Celina struggled with her body image and being overweight. She gained much media attention after returning to the public eye and appearing slimmer than everyone remembered from her soap opera days. She had taken a break from acting after finishing Rebelde in 2006 and only returned to the film and television scene in 2012. She has an elder sister. Her sister recently had a daughter and she proudly features her niece in various Instagram posts

Who Is Estefaniavillarreal?

Who is EstefaniaVillarreal?

Name Estefanía Villarreal
Net Worth$1 Million-$5 Million
Age 34 years old
DOBMarch 11, 1987

Estefanía Villarreal is a Mexican actress. she best known for her performance in the Mexican telenovela Rebelde as Celina Ferrer.  While working on Rebelde, she and two other co-stars formed the band Citrus or c3Q’s, which released the song “No Me Importa” (“I Don’t Care”). She is also a well-known actress known for her role as Celina Ferrer on the soap opera Rebelde, which she starred in from 2004 to 2006. She also played Doris in the 2014 film Yo No Creo en Los Hombres.

How Old Is Estefania Villarreal?

How old is Estefania Villarreal?

Estefania Villarreal’s birthday is on 11-Mar-1987.  She is now 34 years old.

Who is estefania villarreal’s boyfriend?

WHO IS Estefania Villarreal’S BoyFRIEND?

Giddy Schwartz is the current sweetheart and future husband of Estefania Villarreal.

What is estefania villarreal’s net worth?

WHAT IS Estefania Villarreal’S NET WORTH?

Her estimated net worth is $1Million-$5MillionUSD.(Approx).

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Estefania villarreal career/Facts

  1. She likes photoshoots.
  2. She has a good sense of dress and fashion.
  3. She likes traveling and shopping in her free time.