Bezos Mega Yacht Does the Float of Shame After City Refuses to Dismantle Historic Bridge

Last Tuesday, Jeff Bezos‘ megayacht was quietly removed from the Dutch shipyard it was built in.

Oh You Rich, Rich

The yacht is 417 feet long and is estimated to cost around $500 million. It has been under construction by shipbuilding company Oceanco in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. It was towed from its home at the Dutch shipyard to the Greenport shipyard in the early hours of the morning, likely to avoid attention.

Yacht Drama

Controversy over the megayacht began in February when Oceanco requested that the city of Rotterdam dismantle the historic Koningshaven Bridge so that the boat could pass through the city. The bridge is lovingly considered a landmark by the locals and is nearly 100 years old. The yacht’s masts would be too tall to pass under the bridge, so it would need to be dismantled.

You Mess With the Bridge, You Mess With Us

Locals were furious about the request to take down the bridge and even went so far as to organize an event to egg the yacht if the bridge were to be dismantled. Within days, the mayor put out a statement saying that no plans had been made to dismantle the bridge and that if required, Bezos and/or Oceanco would be financially responsible. In early July, Oceanco rescinded the request for the bridge dismantling.

Victory of the People

On Tuesday, the yacht was towed without the masts and arrived at the Greenport shipyard three hours later.