Kate Bush

Discover Why Kate Bush’s Net Worth Keeps Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush’s net worth is impressive. She is an incredible English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. In addition, Bush is an award-winning musician with six decades of hits. She dominated the nineties rock alternative scene.

Kate Bush dated bassist and sound engineer Del Palmer for over a decade before separating. Then, in 1992, she and guitarist Danny McIntosh got married. Finally, in 1998 they had a son Albert McIntosh (Bertie).

Kate Bush’s Personal Life

Kate Bush was born on July 30th, 1958. She is a Bexleyheath, Kent, England-born musician who grew up in Welling, South London, with her two older brothers, Paddy and John.

Kate Bush’s Net Worth

Kate Bush’s net worth estimate is sixty million dollars. In addition, she has an annual salary of $5 million.

How Did Kate Bush Earn Her Total Net Worth?

Kate Bush is an award-winning female artist. She has two Ivor Novello Awards and won Best British Female at the Brit Awards. 

She’s also earned three Grammy Awards nominations for her contributions to the music industry. Kate Bush became affluent in the British music business but has experienced significant wealth with her global success.

Album Sales

Kate Bush has released ten studio albums, two compilation albums, two live albums, and six video albums. In addition, she’s released four box sets and five extended play albums. So with 29 albums circulating, it’s certainly added to Kate Bush’s net worth over the years.

We can’t calculate exact financial totals, but take a look at the record sales numbers contributing to her vast fortune for the last six decades.

  • The Kick Inside (1978) -554,996 Copies.
  • Lionheart (1978) – 484,377 Copies.
  • Never Forever (1980) – 617,910 Copies.
  • The Dreaming (1982) – 76,850 Copies.
  • Hounds of Love (1985) – 1,374,800 Copies.
  • The Whole Story (1986) – 1,560,880 Copies.
  • The Sensual World (1989) – 970,010 Copies.
  • The Red Shows (1993) – 375,510 Copies.
  • Aerial (2005) – 654,487 Copies.
  • 50 Words for Snow (2011) – 100,000 Copies.
  • Before the Dawn (2016), – 100,000 Copies.

Bush has sold over 6,975,800 albums! She also topped the charts for four weeks when she released her debut single, “Wuthering Heights.”

Kate Bush is the first female who reached Number 1 in the United Kingdom with a self-written song. “Wuthering Heights” is still one of her most successful hits, with 138 million streams on Spotify.

Bush has seven promotional singles and 36 UK singles. Her studio debut album “The Kick Inside” reached Number 3 on the UK Charts. It also achieved platinum in the UK and went three times platinum in Canada.


Kate Bush provided vocals for three of Peter Gabriels’ hits, “Games Without Frontiers,” “Don’t Give Up,” and “No Self-Control.” In addition, she sang with Prince on two songs.

First, “Why Should I Love You?” on her album The Red Shoes. Then, again, on “My Computer” from Prince’s Emancipation album. Bush also twice collaborated with Elton John. 

Live Concerts

Kate Bush has added wealth to her net worth with live performances. She’s touring one country with four more on the list (2022). 

Additionally, she maintained a 2014 concert residency, Before the Dawn, at Hammersmith Apollo in London, England. The residency booked 22 shows, and tickets sold out to the public in 15 minutes. 

YouTube Channel

Kate Bush has a YouTube channel that she uploads to and receives millions of views. In addition, her YouTube channel features the online KateBushMusic store, where fans can purchase the vinyl recordings of her albums.


Kate Bush was in the episode “Les Dogs” from the television series The Comic Strip Presents (1990). She was a dancer in The Line, the Cross, and Curve (1993). In addition, she has acting credits on 39 music videos. 

Brand Endorsements

Kate Bush has endorsed various brands. For example, in 1978, she promoted Seiko watches in Japan. Additionally, in 1994, she created music for nine commercials advertising the Fruitopia soda line. 

Song Royalties

The Netflix series Stranger Things catapulted Kate Bush into the spotlight for younger generations to appreciate. Her 37-year-old single “Running Up That Hill” was the most streamed track in the world in June 2022 and still sits in the top five on the Billboard Global 200.

According to Forbes, TikTok helped the song evolve into the global phenomenon it’s become with its recent resurgence. In addition, Fortune estimates that her track “Running Up That Hill” has earned her $2.3 million and has nearly 600 million streams on Spotify.

How Does Kate Bush Spend Her Money?

Kate Bush is well-known to be a private person. So we don’t have the nitty gritty on daily indulgences. However, she has exquisite taste in homes and cars.

Real Estate

Kate Bush and Danny McIntosh put their beautiful mansion on the market for $4.8 million in 2014. It was near Reading, Berkshire, on an island in the middle of the Thames River. They now reside in a $2.5 million mansion a-top the South Hams Cliff.


Kate Bush had a Ferrari 348 in 1993, but reportedly she later gifted the car to her sound engineer. Today the vehicle is worth approximately 60,109 dollars.

Charities and Causes

Kate Bush is known for her philanthropy. While the financial figures are undisclosed, she is charitable. She’s donated to at least three charities, including Amnesty International, Wildlife Aid Foundation, and Witness.

Kate Bush also has performed in charity concerts, including Comic Relief. Additionally, she’s featured in a TV commercial for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Bush advocates human rights but doesn’t disclose political beliefs as she doesn’t identify with either party.

Kate Bush’s Net Worth Summary

Kate Bush is an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist who dominated the nineties rock scene. She married guitarist Danny McIntosh and had a son, Bertie. She’s produced ten studio albums in addition to several other albums.

The Netflix series Stranger Things introduced her 1985 song “Keep Running Up That Hill” to a receptive audience. Who, in turn, made sure it was the number one charted single in the summer of 2022. The song has added $2.3 million to her estimated net worth of $60 million.