Nvidia Net Worth In 2022

Nvidia Net Worth in 2022: Assets, Income, Revenue, PE Ratio, CEO

Nvidia Net Worth

Nvidia Net Worth

Nvidia Net Worth in 2022

NameNvidia Corporation
Net Worth$15 Billion
Net Worth in Indian Rupees1500 crores
Revenue1,092 crores USD
PE Ratio 202269.08
FounderJensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, Curtis Priem
CEOJensen Huang
FoundedApril 1993
Last Upated2022

NVIDIA Corporation is a world leader in graphics processors and media communication devices. NVIDIA Corporation is a global corporation that manufactures mobile technologies, graphics processors, and desktop computers. The NVIDIA company was founded in 1993 by three American computer scientists, Jen-Hsun Huang, Curtis Prem, and Christopher Malachowsky. NVIDIA is known for developing integrated circuits that are used in everything from electronic game consoles to personal computers (PCs). The NVIDIA company is a leading manufacturer of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs). It designs and builds systems on GPUs, graphics processing units, and chip units (SoCs) for the gaming, mobile computing, and automotive markets. The company’s Shield has a large presence in the gaming industry, including Android televisions, tablets, and gaming consoles. The company has diversified its business into five major industries such as gaming, artificial intelligence, data centers, auto, and professional visualization. Nvidia developed 3d graphics accelerated chips for cable graphics adapters in 1998. They released the GeForce 256 (NV10) which became an integral part of customer-level 3D hardware. It outperformed most current products by a large margin. The chip runs at 120 MHz and applies advanced video acceleration, speed compensation, and sub-picture alpha mix. In 1993, the three co-founders believed that the right direction for the next wave of computing was accelerated or graphics-based computing because it could solve problems that general-purpose computing could not. They also noted that video games are at the same time one of the most computer-challenging issues and that sales will be surprisingly high.

Nvidia Net Worth Growth

Net Worth 2022$15 Billion
Net Worth 2021$14.5 Billion
Net Worth 2020$14 Billion
Net Worth 2019$13.5 Billion
Net Worth 2018$13.2 Billion
Net Worth 2017$13 Billion
Net Worth 2016$12.8 Billion
Net Worth 2015$12.5 Billion
Net Worth 2014$12.1 Billion
Net Worth 2013$11.9 Billion
Net Worth 2012$11.1 Billion
Net Worth 2011$10 Billion

Nvidia Evolution

Nvidia Corporation is a popular technology company of America which is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Most of Nvidia’s products were successful, helping them win contracts to develop graphics hardware for Microsoft’s Xbox game console. In 2000, he bought the consumer 3D graphics technology company 3dfx. In 2002, he bought the company Exluna, which developed software rendering tools. They bought MediaQ for more than $ 70 million, and the high-performance TCP / IP and iSCSI offload solutions company iReady. Nvidia helped Sony develop the PlayStation 3 game console in 2004. At the same time, they bought several other companies, including ULI Electronics, which supplied third-party Southbridge parts to their competitors, and graphics software technology company Hybrid Graphics. They also completed edits for Portal Player, Inc, and ageia. Nvidia has won several awards, including Forbes Magazine’s Company of the Year award in 2007. The online website Glassdoor has also been named as the best place to work. MIT Tech Review has listed Nvidia as one of the “Top 50 Smart Companies”.

Nvidia Total Assets

Total Assets 2022$32,341
Total Assets2021$28,791
Total Assets 2020$17,315
Total Assets 2019$13,292
Total Assets 2018$11,241
Total Assets 2017$9,841
Total Assets 2016$7,370
Total Assets 2015$7,201
Total Assets 2014$7,251
Total Assets 2013$6,412
Total Assets 2012$5,553
Total Assets 2011$4,495

Nvidia Total Liabilities

Total Liabilities 2022$13,989
Total Liabilities 2021$11,898
Total Liabilities 2020$5,111
Total Liabilities 2019$3,950
Total Liabilities 2018$3,770
Total Liabilities 2017$4,079
Total Liabilities 2016$2,901
Total Liabilities 2015$2,783
Total Liabilities 2014$2,794
Total Liabilities 2013$1,585
Total Liabilities 2012$1,407
Total Liabilities 2011$1,314

FAQ About Nvidia

What is Net Worth of Nvidia?

As of January 2022, Nvidia has an estimated net worth of more than $150 billion.

Who is the founder of Nvidia?

Chris Malachowsky, Jensen Huang, and Curtis Priem is the founder of Nvidia.

Who is CEO of Nvidia?

Jensen Huang is the CEO of Nvidia.

When was Nvidia founded?

was founded by April 1993 in Santa Clara, California, United States.