Ola Net Worth In 2022

Ola Net Worth in 2022: Assets, Income, Revenue, PE Ratio, CEO

Ola Net Worth

Ola Net Worth

Ola Net Worth in 2022

NameOla Cabs
Net Worth$6.5 Billion
Net Worth in Indian RupeesRs 48,750 Crores
Revenue2,544 crores INR
PE Ratio 202228.16
Founder Ankit Bhati, Bhavish Aggarwal
CEOBhavish Aggarwal
FoundedDec 3, 2010
Last Upated2022

Ola Cabs is the biggest mobility platform in India and one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the world, serving 250+ cities in India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The Ola app offers customers mobility solutions by connecting with drivers and enables convenience and transparency for a wide range of vehicles in bikes, metered taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cabs, millions of customers, and more than 1.5 million driver-partners. Ola Cabs operates a mobile technology platform that integrates city transportation for customers and driver-partners in India. Its mobile app allows its customers to book a range of cabs, bikes, auto-rickshaws, and shuttle buses. Ola Cabs is a mobile application allows customers to book outstation travel, city taxi, car rental and corporate travel services. Its mobile application is available on Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Ola was founded on December 1, 2010 by Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Agarwal. Bhavish Agarwal is one of the youngest billionaires in India. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India with additional offices. Ola Cabs offer a wide range of services, ranging from financial to luxury travel. The cabs and users are connected to the Ola app. They claim to be the average number, as of 2014. The number of daily bookings is over 150,000 bookings and accounts for 60% of India’s automobile ridesharing market. So far in 2019, the cab company has rapidly expanded to 1.5 million drivers/vehicles in 250 cities around the world.

Ola Net Worth Growth

Net Worth 2022$6.5 Billion
Net Worth 2021$6 Billion
Net Worth 2020$5.5 Billion
Net Worth 2019$5 Billion
Net Worth 2018$4.5 Billion
Net Worth 2017$4 Billion
Net Worth 2016$3.5 Billion
Net Worth 2015$3 Billion
Net Worth 2014$2.5 Billion
Net Worth 2013$2 Billion
Net Worth 2012$1.5 Billion
Net Worth 2011$0.9 Billion

Ola Evolution

Ola Cabs operates a mobile technology platform that integrates city transportation for customers and driver-partners in India. Ola’s core mobility offer in India is complemented by its electric-vehicle arm, Ola Electric. Ola Fleet Technologies and Ola Skilling, India’s largest fleet management business, aims to provide millions of livelihood opportunities for young people in India. With the acquisition of Ridlr, India’s leading public transport app and investment in Vogo, Dockless Scooter Sharing Solution, Ola is looking to create mobility for the next billion Indians. Ola expands customer offerings such as micro-insurance and credit lead payments through Ola Financial Services and proprietary food brands through India’s largest network of kitchens within its food business. This app does not have safety issues as they are generally considered safe and have the identity of the driver fully assigned to the customer during the ride. Ola’s earnings have increased significantly due to its growing popularity among the people and its increasing demand. In October 2014, the company claimed an 80% share of the taxi market. In 2016, Ola launched two additional services, Outstation and Rental. They accept cash and cashless digital payments with Ola Money, Paytm Now. The rental is based on car rental on an hourly package basis and there is an outstation for intercity trips with information two hours in advance on the Ola app.

Ola Total Assets

Total Assets 2022$60,325
Total Assets 2021$57,241
Total Assets 2020$52,148
Total Assets 2019$34,309
Total Assets 2018$29,740
Total Assets 2017$28,655
Total Assets 2016$22,664
Total Assets 2015$8,068
Total Assets 2014$5,831
Total Assets 2013$2,417
Total Assets 2012$1,114
Total Assets 2011$713

Ola Total Liabilities

Total Liabilities 2022$35,421
Total Liabilities 2021$31,245
Total Liabilities 2020 $29,073
Total Liabilities 2019$26,842
Total Liabilities 2018$23,983
Total Liabilities 2017 $23,421
Total Liabilities 2016 $17,126
Total Liabilities 2015$6,984
Total Liabilities 2014 $4,919
Total Liabilities 2013 $1,750
Total Liabilities 2012$989
Total Liabilities 2011$489

FAQ About Ola

Who is the founder of ola Cabs?

Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati is the founder of ola cab.

What is Net Worth of ola Cabs?

The net worth of ola Cabs is $6.5 Million.

Who is the CEO of Ola?

Bhavish Aggarwal is the CEO of Ola.

Which Ola cab is for 4 members?

Prime Sedan can seat upto 4 passengers.

What is the charge of Ola cab per km?

With rides starting from as low as Rs. 6/km.

What is prime in Ola?

Ola Prime is a membership option that is available to a limited set of customers.