Pete Davidson in Trauma Therapy After Kanye West Online Harassment

Pete Davidson is reportedly seeking help for the online harassment he has received from Kanye West.

Kanye the Troll

Pete allegedly started his therapy back in April. He is specifically in trauma therapy due to threatening posts that West posted on social media while Davidson was dating Kim Kardashian.

An insider source said, “The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for Pete, and he’s had to seek out help.”

No Hate to Kim

Davidson made sure to make it clear that he has no regrets about his relationship with Kim. He says that she was nothing but supportive of him throughout their relationship.

What’s Done Is Done

These revelations about Pete’s mental health came after he and Kardashian decided to call time on their relationship after 9 months together.

Kanye Celebrates

After their breakup hit the media, West posted a reaction to Instagram with an altered New York Times newspaper titled “Skete Davidson Dead at Age 28”

Sources from both Davidson’s and Kardashian’s teams reached out to Instagram to have the post removed. An insider reported that West’s repeated harassment of Davidson is one of the reasons he’s been absent from social media.

Supportive Kim

A source close to Kim says that his involvement in trauma therapy has nothing to do with their breakup. Further, the source says, “Kim does not tolerate this type of behavior from Kanye.”

The Blows Keep Coming

The one-sided feud between West and Davidson seemed to come to a head when West featured a scene in his song “Eazy” where the rapper kidnapped, tied up, and buried a claymation version of Davidson.

Davidson seemed to take the harassment in stride at first. At his sold-out show Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends, Davidson shared a comedic version of an altercation with West. He talked about how he had an AIDS scare, but not for the reasons you may think. His doctor asked if he was sharing needles or doing the deed unprotected, but Pete said, “No. Kanye told me I have AIDS. And he’s a genius.”

He then went on to say he actually went to the doctor to get tested and came back negative.