Richard Wagner : Best Quotes

Richard Wagner : Quotes

Richard Wagner - 22 inspiring composer quotes - Classic FM

  • “Joy is not in things; it is in us.”
  • “I believe in God, Mozart, and Beethoven.”
  • “The oldest, truest, most beautiful organ of music, the origin to which alone our music owes its being, is the human voice.”
  • “Imagination creates reality.”
  • “Divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things you can go through. Money spent on getting mad or getting even is money wasted.”
  • “Even if I know I shall never change the masses, never transform anything permanent, all I ask is that the good things also have their place, their refuge.”
  • “I write music with an exclamation point!”
  • “Achievements, seldom credited to their source, are the result of unspeakable drudgery and worries.”
  • “Wherever the fish are, that’s where we go.”
  • “Everything lives and lasts by the inner necessity of its being, by its own nature’s need.”


  • “Life is earnest – and always has been.”
  • “It is a truth forever, that where the speech of man stops short there Music’s reign begins.”
  • “Never look at the trombones, it only encourages them.”
  • “In contrast to reincarnation and karma, all other views seem petty and narrow”
  • “It is impossible to communicate with Schumann. The man is hopeless; he doesn’t talk at all.”
  • “The purpose of art: to make the unconscious conscious.”
  • “…music is the living God in our bosoms.”
  • “One might say that where Religion becomes artificial, it is reserved for Art to save the spirit of religion.”
  • “The immoral profession of musical criticism must be abolished.”
  • “Music is the inarticulate speech of the heart, which cannot be compressed into words, because it is infinite.”