Selena Gomez Co-founded Mental Health Startup, Gets $100 Million Valuation

Wondering is a firm that was co-founded by pop star Selena Gomez. The startup is seeking a $100 million valuation so that it can take advantage of the growing mindfulness trend.

The Investors

The $5 million early-stage round was led by Serena Ventures. Serena Ventures is a venture capital firm that was founded by famous tennis star Serena Williams. Quickly following in Serena’s footsteps were Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners. The former CEO of pharmaceutical company Allergan, Brent Saunders, also invested.

The Vision

Wondering is a “mental fitness” centered firm that encourages habits that will benefit mental health. The effects of these habits are compared to the effects one would experience if they were to go to a physical gym.

Success Is Never Guaranteed

Having a famous co-founder can certainly help a cause, but it doesn’t guarantee success. The idea of mindfulness is a growing trend, and the market is slowly becoming saturated.

It Takes a Village

The firm offers its services through social media and a newsletter. The production branch is responsible for producing and distributing mental health information. This branch is being managed by Mandy Teefy, Selena Gomez’s mother. Selena is in charge of marketing and creative management. Pierson seems to be in charge of potential physical items that are to be used as behavioral therapy.