Shantanu Naidu (Assistant of Ratan Tata) Net Worth, Income, Salary, Bio, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend

Shantanu Naidu (Assistant of Ratan Tata) Net Worth, Income, Salary, Bio, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend

Shantanu naidu biography

Shantanu Naidu BIOGRAPHY

Shantanu Naidu was born in 1993. He did his schooling studies in his hometown. He is well educated. His social media accounts have a massive fan following and millions of followers. Following this creative invention, the 28-year-old became an assistant to entrepreneur Ratan Tata, who is himself a dog lover. Shantanu Naidu and Ratan Tata became close friends despite the generation gap.

Who Is Shantanu Naidu?

Who is Shantanu Naidu?

Name Shantanu Naidu
Net WorthRs. 5-6 crore INR
Age 28 years old

Shantanu Naidu is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and founder of Motopause.Shantanu Naidu is an entrepreneur with an impressive resume. He started his career as a junior assistant to Ratan Tata. The two became close friends and became good friends. He created dog collars called Motopause, which save the lives of dogs from accidents that happen at night and in dark areas.  He  is an MBA holder from Cornell University who has assisted Ratan Tata for two years. The MBA holder has taken lessons from Tata’s life experiences and applied them to business.

How Old Is Shantanu Naidu?

How old is Shantanu Naidu?

According to his date of year he is 28 years old.

Who is shantanu naidu’s girlfriend?


The information about his realtionship status is currently unavailable.

What is shantanu naidu’s net worth?

WHAT IS Shantanu Naidu’S NET WORTH?

The estimated networth is Rs. 5-6 Crore.



Shantanu naidu career/Facts

  1. He has written a book “I Came Upon a Lighthouse”.
  2. He started his career as a Junior Assistant and Entrepreneur.
  3. He is a dog lover so he started a company for dogs –motopause.