SpaceX Net Worth In 2022

SpaceX Net Worth in 2022: Assets, Income, Revenue, PE Ratio, CEO

SpaceX Net Worth

SpaceX Net Worth

SpaceX Net Worth in 2022

Name SpaceX
Net Worth$100 billion
Net Worth in Indian Rupees10000 Crores
Revenue US$2 billion
PE Ratio 202261.5
FounderElon Musk
CEOElon Musk (2002–)
Founded6 May 2002
Last Upated2022

Space Exploration Technologies is a space-transportation startup company founded by Elon Musk. SpaceX is manufacture, designs, and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. SpaceX develops crew and engines, cargo capsules, avionics, cryogenic tank structures, equipment, guidance and control software. The company is developing Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 semi-reusable vehicles. Space Exploration Technologies was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX was founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk in the hope of revolutionizing the aerospace industry and making affordable spaceflight a reality. The company entered the arena with the Falcon 1 rocket, a two-stage liquid-fuel vehicle designed to launch small satellites into orbit. The Falcon 1 was much cheaper to build and operate than its competitors, making it a densely populated area with spacecraft built by publicly owned and government-aided companies such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Part of the rocket’s profitability was made possible by the SpaceX-developed Merlin engine, a cheaper alternative used by other companies. SpaceX also focused on building reusable rockets (other launch vehicles are usually built for one-time use).

SpaceX Net Worth Growth

Net Worth 2022$100 Billion
Net Worth 2021$99.5 Billion
Net Worth 2020$98.5 Billion
Net Worth 2019$98 Billion
Net Worth 2018$97.5 Billion
Net Worth 2017$97 Billion
Net Worth 2016$96 Billion
Net Worth 2015$96.5 Billion
Net Worth 2014$95.5 Billion
Net Worth 2013$94 Billion
Net Worth 2012$93 Billion
Net Worth 2011$92.5 Billion

SpaceX Evolution

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is an American aerospace manufacturer, communications corporation, and space transport services. Elon Musk is also the CEO of electric car maker Tesla. After 18 months of development, SpaceX unveiled a delivery vehicle called the Dragon in 2006. It was soon followed by the Falcon, which was designed to carry humans and cargo into orbit. SpaceX is a disruptive force in the global broadcasting industry because its launch services are less expensive than many of its competitors. It works with NASA to supply cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) and to deliver astronauts, as well as to launch satellites into Earth orbit. One of the major differences between the SpaceX and NASA programs is the creation of SpaceX and the use of reusable rocket launchers. The NASA rockets come in two or three stages. After the stage uses its fuel, it is thrown away and falls into the sea. In 2011, SpaceX first described the concept of a reusable rocket. In 2015 it completed its first successful launch and landing of a liquid-fuel rocket. SpaceX has two rocket systems, the Dragon and Falcon. The Falcon 9 is a liftoff vehicle consisting of first- and second-stage rockets that bring cargo into orbit. The first stage takes the rocket into orbit and safely brings the rocket back to Earth and lands. In the second stage, the payload is taken into orbit but is lost on re-entry.

SpaceX Total Assets

Total Assets 2022$48,967
Total Assets 2021$42,300
Total Assets 2020$39,280
Total Assets 2019$33,976
Total Assets 2018$25,974
Total Assets 2017$19,013
Total Assets 2016$13,587
Total Assets 2015$10,203
Total Assets 2014$7,043
Total Assets 2013$5,413
Total Assets 2012$3,968
Total Assets 2011$3,069

SpaceX Total Liabilities

Total Liabilities 2022$423,440
Total Liabilities 2021$35,967
Total Liabilities 2020$30,315
Total Liabilities 2019$28,215
Total Liabilities 2018$26,394
Total Liabilities 2017$20,736
Total Liabilities 2016$15,431
Total Liabilities 2015$10,907
Total Liabilities 2014$7,979
Total Liabilities 2013$5,185
Total Liabilities 2012$4,079
Total Liabilities 2011$3,223

FAQ About SpaceX

Who is the founder of SpaceX?

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX.

How much is SpaceX net worth?

The net worth of SpaceX is $100 Billion.

Who is the CEO of SpaceX?

The CEO of SpaceX is Elon Musk.

How was SpaceX founded?

SpaceX was founded in 6 May 2002 by Elon Musk.