Taylor Swift Labeled ‘Worst Climate Criminal’ Over Private Jet Usage

Taylor Swift has come under fire for the amount of CO2 her private jet emits.

Kylie Did It First

This title was bestowed on Taylor Swift, but it was originally Kylie Jenner who was called out for her seemingly frivolous private jet usage. She was dragged mercilessly on Twitter after it was discovered that she sometimes takes flights as short as 3 minutes long.

The Devil Works Hard But Kris Jenner Works Harder

Twitter speculates that it is Kris Jenner who is to blame for the heat being transferred off of her daughter and on to Taylor Swift. It didn’t take long for the mob to turn their pitchforks towards Taylor after it was revealed that Kylie doesn’t even come close to emitting as much CO2 with her plane as Taylor Swift does. We see you, Kris.

Doing Too Much

The sustainability marketing team from Yard put out an article that ranked the celebrities whose private jets have flown the most so far this year. Kylie Jenner came in at number 19, while Taylor Swift took the top spot. According to Yard, Taylor Swift has taken her jet 170 times within the first 200 days of 2022.

It Wasn’t Me, Your Honor

A spokesperson for Swift reached out to clear her name, stating, “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

Twitter Responds

Despite the statement from the spokesperson, Twitter still had a field day making memes and mocking Swift for her climate crimes.