20 Best Celebrity Documentaries That Demand You to Feel Them

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Are you looking for the best celebrity documentaries to hit you right in the feels? We got you covered. These twenty celebrity films share incredible true stories of trauma, tragedy, perseverance, motivation, and determination.  Additionally, they are great at humanizing larger-than-life celebrities who think, feel, and behave like you and me. So please enjoy in … Read more

Johnny Depp Wanted Amber Heard’s Speeding Ticket Used As Evidence in Lawsuit

It has been revealed that Johnny Depp’s team had planned to use a speeding ticket Amber Heard had received as evidence in the defamation trial. The Past Comes Back to Haunt You According to court documents that were obtained by Washington defense attorney Andrea Burkhart, Johnny’s team cross-examined Amber’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, about Heard driving … Read more

Top 8 Elon Musk Tweets That Made People Angry

Elon Musk has said many controversial things on Twitter. With his current plan to build his own airport and being seemingly forced to buy Twitter his name is on everyone’s lips right now. He fully admits his tweets are “complete nonsense” so take what he writes with a gram of salt. My Twitter is pretty … Read more

Ten of The Best War Movies Based on True Stories

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Some of the finest movies are based on actual events. People like true stories because they feel like they live vicariously through the big screen characters. They can immerse themselves in the story and feel all the emotions that come with it. Watching war movies based on true stories opens our eyes to past tragedies … Read more

Batgirl Movie Unexpectedly Canceled Despite Being In the Final Stages of Filming

The highly anticipated Batgirl movie, starring Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, and Brendan Fraser has been canceled. Warner Bros made the announcement despite the fact that the shooting of the film was already completed and the project had been moved into post-production. HBO Gets Its Moment The movie originally received the green light as part of … Read more